Last Chance Before they Discontinue!

  • Last Goodbye

    Wen saying her goodbye's to her late mother. The day she left the monastery was the day she forgot her life's long training. All that is left of her mother's memory is the katana she wore and another for Wen.

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  • Column

    After finally working up the courage to leave what she knows as "home" her safe place; Wen must leave a part of herself behind and while it may be scary to leave it is also a life changing moment she won't ever regret.

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  • Syncronized

    Through endless variations of meditation Wen is finally able to achieve a state in which her brain induces alpha waves. In this state of meditation, Sulong (her katana) deems Wen worthy of knowing about its presence and brings her into its consciousness. 

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  • Serene Breath

    The entrance to the collective hands monastery. A place of earthly teachings and meditative findings. 

    -  my hope is that you and others may find serenity and appreciation for the earth.

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"Syncronized" designs will be partially donated

Each design with "Syncronized" will be donated towards the Amazon and feline family. If you would like to donate directly to the organization, please click the button below. Our instagram and website will be adding more organizations to donate to.

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