About Sushito



Sushito Clothing was created for those who love anime/manga and gaming culture. Each item is designed to keep comfort and quality in mind for activities such as: working out, gaming, binge watching and lounging. 


Sushito’s art is all drawn by one artist and all products are custom designed.


Backstory: While the logo may seem like just an Oni mask, it is also a skull. Together they represent how many people are often misunderstood yet we are all the same: human. Our motto “See with your heart” means that while we may see someone and judge them based on how they speak, look, act and present themselves, there is always an underlying story in which we need to SEE with our HEARTS. 

Su stems from 司徒 (Sītú) which is the creator’s last name in chinese
Shito stems from 寿留 (Shòu liú) which means longevity  

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